BJP flays Rahul Gandhi for his Rs 17 a day remark on farmers scheme

New Delhi, Feb 1 (UNI) BJP on Friday joined issue with Congress President Rahul Gandhi over his tweet on new farmers support scheme announced in the Budget.
“As expected, you haven’t understood a thing from the Budget. Rs 6,000 to farmers is not their net income but a relief measure to supplement their income; along with host of other steps taken for their welfare,” the party said in its official Twitter handle.
It further said – “Surprised, you did not tweet 70 paisa/hour. Would have been more RG like”.
The sarcastic remarks came after Mr Gandhi in a missive ridiculed the new announcement of Rs 75,000 crore scheme and tweeted saying to give farmers Rs 17 a day “is an insult to everything they stand and work for”.

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