T Govt’s Novel Program ‘Kanti Velugu’ Benefits Lakhs of People

Hyderabad, Jan.11 (NSS): The ‘Kanti Velugu’ (eye screening and treatment) programme launched by the Telangana state Government five months back, is receiving huge response from the people, and it is being hailed by many people and dignitaries.
Under the Novel programmme started by Telangana Government for the first time in the country,  as many as 1.26 crore people were screened for  different eye diseases and deficiencies.  The eye camps were conducted in 7,436 villages and 614 wards in Municipalities so far, and  out of those who were tested, 19,84,878 people were given spectacles free of cost.  The camps were going on in other villages  and municipal wards also.
On Thursday alone, 1,04,029 persons  have undergone the tests, and 7,425 were given reading glasses, and another 5,874 persons  were prescribed for special glasses, which would be given in due course. Another 4,907 patients were referred to Hospitals for treatment of ailments.  85, 825 people were declared free from any ailments.

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